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Official opening Projective new offices

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Projective organised a gathering event to show their new office to their FinTech customers. Check here the pictures of the final result of the office.                                                                                                                                       

We are hiring a Marketing Manager

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Job Description Summary

ADMOS is an exciting story, written by Anthony Shaikh and Christophe Erkens. As architects, we were born to sculpt and learned how to build. Finding the right balance between design and sustainability is what we do on a day-to-day basis.

ADMOS is the Design&Build leader on the Belgium market. With our team of 50 architects we Design&Build trendy offices. Some examples of our work include Google, Mastercard, AG,…. For further inspiration, please visit our references page.

To reinforce our team, we are looking for an enthusiastic Marketing Manager.

As a Marketing Manager, your goal is to support the CEO and Sales Manager, ensuring that our teams and clients receive the best service in the market. You will report directly to the CEO of ADMOS and work closely with the Marketing Director of Cushman & Wakefield on various projects.

Job Description

Your responsibilities

  • You will take care of the creation and copywriting of the marketing materials including flyers, brochures, pitches, presentations, etc.
  • You will help organise client and team events,
  • You will assist in overseeing the online marketing strategy,
  • You will help plan and execute digital campaigns,
  • You will design, maintain and supply content for our website(s),
  • You will engage with the public through social media and ensure visitor flow to digital sites,
  • You will analyse and report on visitor data to the Heads of departments,
  • You will assist with PR (press release, etc.), proofread and correct spelling, grammatical, and layout errors
  • You will perform special projects and any additional marketing tasks as required.

Your skills and experience

  • You hold a Bachelor degree or equivalent,
  • You have 3-4 years of proven experience in a similar role in the professional services industry,
  • Your service-oriented attitude and pro-activity invariably lead to a high client satisfaction, both internally and externally,
  • You have excellent organisational skills which enable you to multi-task and prioritise efficiently,
  • You are a team-player but are also able to work autonomously and take initiative,
  • You have strong attention to detail and consider yourself to be a completer/finisher,
  • You enjoy working in a fast-paced environment with very tight deadlines,
  • You have good command of the MS Office package and you feel comfortable learning to use new software/applications,
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills in English, Dutch and French,
  • Above all, you have a positive and friendly personality.

We propose

  • A creative challenge
  • A dynamic and flexible work environment
  • An attractive salary package, including an annual discretionary bonus
  • A chance to further develop your skills in an exciting and innovative environment

Send your application to

Winning the war for talent

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New Projective office to help win the war for talent

To facilitate growth and the increasing number of new colleagues, Projective was seeking additional office space.

Six years after the previous revolutionary office concept for Clear2Pay, Projective wants to set a new trend for new ways of working once again. To that end, the company entered into a collaboration with Admos Design&Build, which has been a part of Cushman&Wakefield since October 2017. As a result, Projective benefits from the professional support of the market leader in office lease in Brussels and the market leader in Design&Build.

Stefan Dierckx, CEO Projective:

Projective provides banks and insurance companies in Belgium and many other European countries with senior project managers. We are growing rapidly, in Brussels as well as Amsterdam, London, Paris and Frankfurt.
Finding good new people is very difficult. We work with head hunters, LinkedIn campaigns and preferably with internal recommendations. One of our ambitions for our new office is to create a wow-effect when candidates visit us for an interview. They should see right away that this is an especially pleasant working environment.

Anthony Shaikh, CEO Admos:

The war for talent is crucial for consultancy companies like Projective. They want to recruit the best profiles. The office space can play a huge part in fulfilling that ambition. The ‘real estate’ costs of a company only amounts to 10%. The remaining 90% goes to staff. We make sure to spend that 10% more intelligently. To do so, we optimize the available space.

Productivity, creativity and well-being aren’t stimulated with 50 laptop workstations in one open space. Research shows that 70 percent of employees is insufficiently involved and motivated. This is affected by all kinds of factors: stress, traffic jams, the workplace, having too little personal space. Burn-out looms at every corner. We want to attract employees by viewing the office as a service. With creative and inspiring rooms. Where colleagues meet and exchange ideas. By providing healthy, fresh nutrition. With yoga sessions. This service ensures that people feel good at work, sense a higher degree of involvement and will want to stay put.

Jurgen Ingels, fintech entrepreneur and part of the Projective board:

As a team lead, I have always been convinced that there are other ways of treating your people and that the traditional office is not the best way to do it.
The “war on talent” is ferocious. Attracting really good people isn’t easy. A company used to compete only with other companies in the neighbourhood. Nowadays we compete with the best companies worldwide. So we must attract the best people. That cannot be achieved with high salaries. One has to offer them the right experience. They must feel at home while at work. We cannot replace home, but with a comfy chair or a pool table for ten minutes of relaxation, we can get pretty close.

The traditional way of working is over

Jurgen Ingels:

Nine-to-five” is over; nowadays you can work wherever you are, even on a beach in Tahiti. You can conduct conference calls with Skype, see people, give instructions….your physical presence is no longer a requirement. And the traditional 9-to-5 model dampens creativity: you don’t learn a lot of new things from spending every day at the same desk surrounded by the same people. An environment where you meet new people on a regular basis has a stimulating effect. New influences make for cross-pollination and exchange. Especially younger people aren’t necessarily looking for more money, but they do seek more experiences. They want to have and gain experience(s). They want to learn in a fun environment. That is what we want to offer.

Anthony Shaikh:

A traditional office is split into departments. Everything has a fixed place: reception, finance, sales, marketing, the cafeteria…In the future you’ll consider what activity needs to be performed and then you’ll choose the place where to do it. The spaces will become “activity-based”. This also saves costs, because you need less space. However, the focus doesn’t reside with cost-savings but with added value.

The traditional office is 80% workplace with desks side by side. The office of the future is the other way around: 20% workplace, and the rest is all about social interaction, informal meeting rooms, and a general focus on activity and interaction. Projective has fitted its trendy bar with a real tap and foosball.